About us Priroda na Dar - Nature as the gift

About us

Priroda na Dar – Nature as the Gift

Priroda na Dar means Nature as the gift.

Pharmaceutical company Basta Balkana and concept “Priroda na Dar” are the result of a great love for natural lifestyle and need to produce a line of the high quality products based on Balkan medicinal herbs. It was our wish to bring reliable and effective herbalism recipes closer to those who need them most.

Our Company Basta Balkana (eng. Balkans garden) emerged from our desire to enable for our children and our loved ones to use best gifts of nature. For centuries nature generously gives us its inner strength through herbs and minerals offering power of healing and health contained in small and modest herbs such as camomile, calendula, rose, olive, everlasting, hyssop, hop, birch, marshmallow and mallow, funnel , cuckoo flower, inula, lungwort, pomegranate, blueberry, summer savory, comfrey.

The most acclaimed experts, pharmacists, pharmacologists, scientist and even academicians were engaged from all over the Balkans to formulate unique and recognizable products, interweaving, in addition to their knowledge, willingness, vision and desire to offer Balkan medicinal herbs to the rest of the world.

Phytotherapy of the Balkans and the region is, owing to the knowledge of our experts, transformed in products such as: natural salve, herbal gel, herbal tincture, herbal capsules, herbal syrup and natural teas, which draw their healing strength from the treasury of health of this ground. Our work is aimed at establishing of the Institute of the Balkan Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine.

We are aware that a combination of traditional herbalism and knowledge of the modern science produces highly valuable and biologically active preparations based on medicinal herbs, herbal remedies and dietary supplements, made at the most natural and simplest possible way with only one mission, to make you, through these preparations, a part of nature. For decades, we have studied ancient healing traditions as well as all the scientific facts on the phytotherapy. Finally, praying for the blessing of the Holly Mother of God and Sveti Vraci (Holy Medicine Man) for success of our mission, we have gathered from all over the world the best herbalists and herbalist recipes, as a result of our persistent work and luck, within an effort to present wealth of our soil, power of herbs and wisdom of nature to you and the whole world. We guarantee that we have invested our best knowledge, efforts and willingness to make from the best possible, natural, highest quality materials the products close to traditional and natural preparations as well as to use our expertise, wisdom and love to make products that will help people in the name of humanity, compassion and love for mankind.

We are gathered to produce natural herbal preparations from the heritage of our ancestors who used them, wishing to keep them for our children and us and leave them as a gift to our grandchildren and descendants.