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FAQ about Priroda na Dar products


What are your herbal products, “Priroda na Dar” special?

It’s all natural. The herbal formulations of pharmaceutical companies “Nature of gift” is all natural, every ingredient is natural, plant origin. Were made on the Balkans, by the wise folk and herbalists from local medicinal plants growing on this soil varied composition, and under the sun, the geomagnetic spectrum of special effects and atmosphere.

What is specific to herbal products, “Priroda na Dar”?

In each product, “Priroda na Dar” are carefully respected the original proportions and numerical, then the symbolic and experiential belief traditions, which have a profound effect on the body and spirit guide. Also, our products have a formulation that is original, authentic and based on centuries of wisdom to act on the cause of disease rather than the result. All of our operating system for asthma on a set of organs or whole body. All the articles “Priroda na Dar” completely innocent, are broken down in the body without any adverse and side effects.

Why in the preparations, “Priroda na Dar” has a lot of different herbs, if the traditional folk practices used by only one, two or a few plants?

That’s because the former herbalists sought appropriate medicinal plant against the individual man and his ailments, and medicine for different patients was different. We decided to complex formulas that cover a wide range of different physical constitution of people and the extent of their disease, so in any case act. The selection and choice of active ingredients of medicinal plants was made in accordance with the choice of the best traditional and scientific practice, balanced and optimal effect.

Are the products “Priroda na dar” that produce herbal medicines or not, whether you have a therapeutic effect?

Our products are herbal remedies, they are dietary supplements. In stronger doses, and verified through clinical trials to get the status of herbal medicine. However, politics and the desire of pharmaceutical companies “Priroda na Dar” is that more people get the opportunity to use its preparations, and that the pharmacological effects of biodynamic and set to the safe use of all kinds of people, from children, adults and the elderly.

Does your asthma herbal company has plants and ingredients from China, India, South America?

None. The policy of our company is to use only natural resource in this region. The Balkans region of Europe most diverse plant with far the largest number of endemic species of plants and wild herbs. Balkan region is a treasure trove of medicinal wild plants and healing power.

Who created the recipes and formulations for herbal medicines?

The recipes were created by folk healers and wise men from different Balkan region, from Slovenia, over Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro. We just gathered tested recipes and adapted them with as few changes modern form of herbal preparations. There have been many scientific criteria by which our experts are adopted from a variety of popular prescription only, which we consider to be the best choice for our customers.

What is the criteria you have chosen a traditional recipe and made ​​the selection of medicinal herbs?

Any traditional recipe has been tested by a team of top scientists, until he made the choice most effective and safe formula that will help people and heal them, not hurt. The most important criteria to us were: security products, availability of raw materials, each synergic effects of herbs and active components, the effective action and standards of the world’s pharmacopoeia.

In your preparations there are no known traditional herbs such as gentian, mugwort, shepherd ‘s purse?

The plants you listed are in certain quantities and in a longer use of the negative effects and adverse effects. Aware that not all users not thoroughly familiar with medicinal herbs which has a pharmacological and dynamic effect, we decided that the risk of misuse of herbal preparations reduce to a minimum and choose recipes with a combination of completely safe plants. Also, certain recipes in which the composition was known wild medicinal plants such as grasses Verem, Carlina acaulis, Rabbit thorn and the like, we could not engage in the preparations since there are not reliable sources of supply of quality raw materials. In some cases there are not enough herbs.