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Sweden Bitter

Elixir ad vitam longam

Famous Golden Sweden Bitter with Theriac, Wine and Saffron by Paracelsus formula

Golden Sweden Bitter is legendary Paracelsus elixire for longevity, immunity, strong health and vitality. Golden Sweden Bitter activate hormones and circulations, purify blood and remove blood plaque and parasites, regenerate liver and inner organs, changes microbiom.

This product is only one Sweden bitter in world with all original ingredients: Theriac, Frankincense, Saffron, mushroom, clay, wine, natural Camphor, Dictamnus, Turmeric and others herbs.

Golden Sweden Bitter is a common name for “Elixir ad vitam longam”, which is also known as Schwedenbitter, Scwedenkrauter, Swedish gentian, Swedish tincture, Swedish tonic or Swedish bitter. The formula for Sweden Bitter was found in the 18th century writings of the royal medic Dr. Claus Samst, who accidentally died at the age of 104 when he fell off the horse. His entire family was longevous because of elixir using.

Originally, Sweden Bitter formula was created by the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus in the 16th century. For our Golden Sweden Bitter we use his formula with natural theriac and we are unique in the world who produce it commercially.