Mission of the Priroda na Dar

Our Mission

Mission of the Priroda na Dar

“Priroda na Dar” offers not only products and preparations but a lifestyle. These are human values that we cherish in us and show to other people. These are help to those in need, token of mannerliness and benevolent thinking, as well as humanity coming from our inner sole. Outer beauty, only together with beauty of sole and strong character is a true human attribute.

Our preparations are reflexion of the folk wisdom of people from this region, their love and unselfishness. They contain medicinal herbs that helped and provided care for Balkan people for centuries. The most valuable gift of the region, power of the medicinal herbs, has found its place in “Priroda na Dar” products as an unbreakable bond between the ground, water, sun, plants and people from these regions.

Thyme, milfoil, basil, St. John’s wort, lemon balm , mint, gentian, sallow, plantain, cowslip, valerian, dandelion, heather, sage, marjoram, rosemary, lavender, garden thyme, mistletoe, are only some of our famous medicinal herbs with potent pharmacological effects that have been used for centuries for treatment of people from Balkan.

Even these small and modest medicinal herbs represent great wealth that has not been shared with rest of the world so far.

Preparations and products of the “Priroda na Dar” line have been developed by careful selection and studying of old herbalist recipes and family formulas subjected to scientific control and verification. Using the wisdom of the traditional medicine and knowledge of the contemporary pharmacology, high quality and standard preparations, with true and potent pharmacological effects are offered to our clients.

We have tried to transform all the family secrets, rituals, proportions and recommendations of ancient herbalists, healers and shamans regarding symbolismand number of herbs in a recipe, their proportions, quality, taste, color, spirit and character of a single herb as closely as possible to the original to our products. We succeeded in such efforts owing to the support of the folk phytoterapists who discovered and explained us their secrets, since only smallest quantity of a single ingredient may significantly alter structure of the whole mixture and enhance its salubrity to the much higher level than sum of the individual herbs would have.

Our most renowned pharmacists added to the all above improvements brought by the modern science, reflected in either decrease of adverse effects and consequences of certain materials or improvement of herbal preparation by certain natural additions.

Mission of our pharmaceutical company “Priroda na Dar” is to heal and help, to offer maximum efforts, love, willingness and knowledge and thus produce from Balkan treasury of medicinal herbs natural preparation that will truly help you in a natural way.