Natural power in our products

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The natural power in our products

“Priroda na Dar” product line has been developed in the regions still preserving the memory of folk and traditional wisdom of helping people with natural preparations. Crags and hill of the Balkans still hide numerous recipes and wild grasses that are yet to be discovered and revealed to the world.

Plants of modest appearance and great pharmacological potential are still used to help highlanders and natives of the remote areas.

Traditional phytopreparations and herbal medicines exert their effects on both body and the sole of the patient, since they are a part of the link between man and nature, a small part that not only cures but also heals. In the old times it was even more important, since whole family and community used to gather around their ill members in order to find and prepare natural remedy, thus making emotional connections between the family members or between the patient and a doctor, which makes all of us better people. The former makes the difference between the traditional and modern drugs, between nature and synthetics and between herbal and pharmaceutical preparations.


Many of our preparations have strong and potent effects based on strength of the biologically active substances contained in the Balkan medicinal herbs.

They are created with an idea to offer best of our healing tradition to modern men and preserve their health. Additionally, whenever it was considered appropriate, the preparations were enhanced by our experts with materials and substances complementary and consistent with herbal function in accordance with contemporary scientific knowledge.

Therefore, our and your preparations are unique and represent a specific combination of ingredients and medicinal herbs contained in them. Each of the active ingredients, either artichokes, thistle, centaury herb, olive or St. John’s wort oil, tinctures made of arnica, hawthorn or wormwood, syrup containing chicory, hyssop, anise, liquorice, gel containing horse chestnut, oak, heartsease, as well as calendula, sweet-flag, nettle or rosebud tea, have more potent effects when used in appropriate combinations in comparison to actions of each individual ingredient. For that reason, the synergistic mechanism was used in all “Priroda na Dar” preparations. Our and your preparations are not based on actions of one or several plants, but on a collection of selected plants that are complementary and act together in order to provide additional quality, the synergy and power providing care and healing. Additionally, all the preparations are safe and selected to be free of noxious effects, since herbal preparations may be potentially noxious.

Medicinal herbs and natural drugs that may treat specific problems are numerous, however the number of synergistic combinations that will offer maximum positive effects is small.