BioImunitet herbal drops for immunity


A powerful natural immunostimulator based on Ehinaceae and wild herbs that quickly raises immunity and white blood cell counts as well as T cells. It acts against acute and chronic infections, inflammation, influenza, strengthens the body’s natural immunity on many levels. It prevents you from the flu.



BioImunity is the fastest immuno booster, natural antibiotic, the strongest and best herbal immunity drops in our market!


Top Herbal Immunity Drops & Tincture Against Flu, Virus, Infection BioImunity

There is no natural preparation or natural antibiotic that raises your immunity with such speed as our BioImunity Immunity Drops. During the day it already works. The preparation is a salvation for all those who are allergic to penicillin, as well as anyone with permanently weakened immunity and persistent infections, viral inflammation, prone to the flu.

And it is especially valuable preparation and natural antibiotic for all patients who have cancer and go for chemotherapy, because in addition to rapidly raising immunity, it protects the body from poisons and damage produced by cytostatics.


BioImunitet Medicinal Use:

Boosting immunity and increasing resistance to infections,

Against viral infections and influenza,

Cold of the respiratory system,

Chronic inflammation and infection of internal organs (bladder, prostate, ovaries),

For the body’s resistance to fungi – when candida occurs,

When helicobacter pylori, esheria, chlamydia,

Bacterial infections of the throat, sinuses, lungs,

As a natural antibiotic when there is bacterial resistance to antibiotic action – for infection with a super bacterium.


Ingredients: Echinacea purpurea, Origanum vulgare, Serpylli herba, Hypericum perforatum, Menthae x piperitae folium,  and Achillea millefolium


Dosage: 3 x 30 drops daily with a glass of water, always before a meal.

Volume: 100 ml

Shelf life: 3 years


Price for the Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brasil, Russia and rest of the world:

Price is 9,5 € for one bottle + shipment for 1 kg (one bottle is 0,25 kg, four bottles are 1kg):

Shipment for EU – 18 €

Shipment for Afrika – 23 €

Shipment for USA, Canada, Australia, South America – 28 €


Example for purchasing – EU countries:

1 bottle is 9,5 e + 18 e shipment = 27,5 euros for 1 bottle (250 ml)

4 bottles are 38 e  + 18 e shipment = 56 euros for 4 bottles (1000 ml)


Instruction for purchasing:

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