BioMind herbal drops against depression, anxiety and bad mood


Natural herbal preparation to strengthen the mind and nerves, stimulates the will, increases immunity and resistance to stress, promotes better concentration and blood flow to the brain. It is successfully used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, various neuroses and mild psychoses. BioMind is a natural antidepressant.



Natural tincture BioMind are herbal drops against depression, anxiety disorder and bad mood


BioMind Herbal Drops for Depression are a natural remedy for depression and anxiety, a herbal tincture for depression, a folk remedy for fear and for better concentration in learning and work.

BioMind tincture and drops for depression could also be called a natural herbal antidepressant.


BioMind Medicinal Use:


Anxious depression

Anxiety disorder


Bad mood

Increases resistance to stress

Ingredients: Ocimum basilicum, Serpylli herba, Hypericum perforatum, Calendulae flos, Menthae x piperitae folium, Rosmarini folium and Melissae folium


Dosage: 3 x 30 drops daily with a glass of water, always before a meal.

Volume: 100 ml

Shelf life: 3 years


Price for the Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brasil, Russia and rest of the world:

Price is 9,5 € for one bottle + shipment for 1 kg (one bottle is 0,25 kg, four bottles are 1kg):

Shipment for EU – 18 €

Shipment for Afrika – 23 €

Shipment for USA, Canada, Australia, South America – 28 €


Example for purchasing – EU countries:

1 bottle is 9,5 e + 18 e shipment = 27,5 euros for 1 bottle (250 ml)

4 bottles are 38 e  + 18 e shipment = 56 euros for 4 bottles (1000 ml)


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