BioRelax herbal drops against insomnia, for stress and relaxation


The best herbal remedy for insomnia and for calm. It also treats the most persistent insomnia. It is sedative and relaxing in stress and anxiety, relaxes muscles and psyche, is used in cramps and tension, deeply calms. An unsurpassed natural sedative.



Natural tincture BioRelax are effective herbal drops against insomnia, stress. Natural remedy for relax and sleep


BioRelax calming and relaxing drops, a herbal remedy for insomnia and a dietary supplement for restful sleep, is an herbal remedy that has anti-stress effects

BioRelax tincture and drops for tranquility and relaxation are made according to the traditional recipe and it is a natural tranquilizer and relaxation remedy used by old herbalists to lead to mental and physical relaxation. This is a folk remedy that works effectively today, much better than synthetic nervous and restless drugs.


BioRelax Medicinal Use:



Anxious depression



Nervous stomak


Ingredients: Melissae folium, Ocimum basilicum, Hypericum perforatum, Lavandulae flos and Valerianae radix


Dosage: 3 x 30 drops daily with a glass of water, always before a meal.

Volume: 100 ml

Shelf life: 3 years


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Price is 9,5 € for one bottle + shipment for 1 kg (one bottle is 0,25 kg, four bottles are 1kg):

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Shipment for Afrika – 23 €

Shipment for USA, Canada, Australia, South America – 28 €


Example for purchasing – EU countries:

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4 bottles are 38 e  + 18 e shipment = 56 euros for 4 bottles (1000 ml)


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