Golden Sweden Bitter


Probably the best Sweden Bitter in the world! 

Golden Sweden Bitter is legendary elixire for longevity, immunity, strong health and vitality. Golden Sweden Bitter activate hormones and circulations, purify blood and remove blood plaque and parasites, regenerate liver and inner organs, changes microbiom.

This product is only one Sweden bitter in world with all original ingredients: Theriac, Frankincense, Saffron, mushroom, clay, wine, natural Camphor, Dictamnus, Turmeric and others herbs.

One bootle of 250 ml is for 2 months of ordinary use.




Elixir for longevity Golden Sweden Bitter with Theriac is made according to original Paracelsus formula from Big Manuscript – Elixir ad vitam longam 


Golden Sweden Bitter is a common name for “Elixir ad vitam longam”, which is also known as Schwedenbitter, Scwedenkrauter, Swedish gentian, Swedish tincture, Swedish tonic or Swedish bitter. The formula for Sweden Bitter was found in the 18th century writings of the royal medic Dr. Claus Samst, who accidentally died at the age of 104 when he fell off the horse. His entire family was longevous because of elixir using.

Originally, Sweden Bitter formula was created by the famous Swiss physician Paracelsus in the 16th century. For our Golden Sweden Bitter we use his formula with natural theriac and we are unique in the world who produce it commercially.

In the 1970’s, Austrian herbalist Maria Treben renewed world’s interest in Sweden Bitter. In her healing books, she wrote how valuable Sweden Bitter is to heal even the most serious diseases. According to Treben’s writings, Golden Sweden Bitter can heal a total of 46 diseases. It is an elixir for longevity and vitality, liver and blood cleansing, colon cleansing from parasites, stronger immune system, circulation stimulating, hormone boosting and increasing brain function.


Mission of Golden Sweden Bitter

After 30 years of researching and using different versions of Sveden bitter, we decided to make the original Sveden Bitter only for our family and friends. Our friends and those who tried Golden Sveden bitter persuaded us to offer the elixir to the whole world.

The Golden Sweden Bitter is more expensive and more complicated to produce than the others Bitters, but the one who knows what the original elixir made by Paracelsus, will appreciate the value of our elixir.

From our experience, the Golden Sweden Bitter elixir changes the structure of the blood – the blood is viscous, elixir heats the body, changes the microbiom for better, regulates fat in the blood, destroys parasites in the body, normalizes the work of the hormone and cures depression and neuroses.

When the elixir applied externally heals pain in the spine and joints, improves wound healing, reduces arthritis pain.

And most importantly, there are no laxative properties, the gut do not become lazy, so it can be used for a long time and without interruption.


Ingreedients of Golden Sweden Bitter

Golden Sweden Bitter is an alcoholic mixture of 20 herbs, wine, frankincense, clay, natural camphor and theriac, an ancient remedy in the form of resin. The ingredients of Golden Sweden Bitter are: Nutmeg, Aloe, Rhubarb, Ginger, Frankincense, Turmeric, Gentian, Angelica, Dictamnus albus, Clay, Shiitake, Silver Thistle, Saffron, Alexandrian Senna, natural Camphor, Tormentil, Yarrow, Wild Thyme, Oregano, Potentilla, St. John’s wort, Valerian, Wine and natural Theriac.

According to the alchemical tradition, the elixir is produced in two parts. Paracelsus used wine to extract the essence of medicinal plants and minerals. Mode of production is specific and iti is reason why elixir has special characteristics. The first part is a male elixir made with wine and then a female elixir, and in the end they merge into an alchemical wedding to be one – Golden Sweden Bitter. For the production of Golden Sweden bitter we use only the highest quality raw materials and wild medicinal herbs from the high and pure moutains of Balkan.



You ought to drink 2 x 25 drops (2 x half a teaspoon) daily of Golden Sweden Bitter for long life and keeping healthy, but 3 x 50 drops (3 x teaspoon) daily in the case of disease.

The best way to drink an elixir is with a quality red wine – half a teaspoon of elixir and a glass of wine, always before eating.

You can use the elixir outside also as a lining for internal organ healing, for wounds, pain in the joints, for muscle spasm, pain in the spine.

One bottle of Golden Sweden Bitter elixir for longevity lasts 2 months if it is taken 25 drops (or half a teaspoon) with a glass of water twice a day.

Shelf life: 3 years


Price for the Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brasil, Russia and rest of the world:

Price is 17,5 € for one bottle + shipment for 1 kg (one bottle is 0,5 kg, two bottles are 1kg):

Shipment for EU – 18 €

Shipment for Afrika – 23 €

Shipment for USA, Canada, Australia, South America – 28 €


Example for purchasing:

1 bottle is 17,5 e + 18 e shipment = 35,5 euros for 1 bottle (250 ml)

2 bottles are 35 e  + 18 e shipment = 53 euros for 2 bottles (500 ml)


Instruction for purchasing:

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